The gallery slideshows below feature the work of some of the best artists living in Evanton. Whether through photography or paintings these artists create wonderful images of our landscapes, its mountains and glens, its rivers and lochs, its skies and buildings and of course its wildlife on land and sea. This page highlights some of the best creativity this community has to offer.

Alister Kemp has built a reputation for his extraordinaray photographs of dolphins taken at Chanonry Point on the Black Isle, and shots taken at sunrise from the shore at Lower Balconie on the Cromarty Firth.  A fine photographer whose work has been featured in national publications, you can see more examples of his work here:

Heather Leslie is a superb landscape phographer and has also had her work featured in national publications as well as in exhibitions. She specialises in landscapes from around the Highlands of Scotland but those featured here were taken in and around Evanton itself.  You can see more examples of her work here:

Fyon Mackay Macleod is another Evanton-based photographer whose reputation has grown steadily over the past couple of years.  She has demonstrated her eye for capturing superb landscapes particularly coastal scenes and sunsets as well as beautiful close ups of plants, animals etc. A fine photographer whose work continues to draws admirers, you can see more examples of his work here: Mackay Macleod’s photos

Esther Armstrong is a superb artist living in Evanton who specialises in producing original paintings of landscapes and the wildlife in the lochs, hills, rivers and glens of the Highlands of Scotland.  As well as undertakings commissions for clients worldwide Esther also tutors art classes and her works can be seen at galleries throughout the Highlands.
You can see more examples of her work here:

The Evanton Community Trust would like to thank all the above for their kind permission to use their work here and on our Facebook page.


Fyon MacKay MacLeod

Esther Armstrong

Alister Kemp

Heather Leslie